Friday, May 22, 2015

A thought on technology.

At first, a big fuss is made about how new technologies will revolutionize civilian life for the better.
The first step when a new technology is discovered is to keep it from the civilian population until it can be fully weaponized. It is then kept in a dark, secret place until used effectively (hopefully) in war.
Then once it is used in war and made innocuous enough, it is released to the civilian population in a gimped, barely functioning form for maximum profit for the corporations that basically own "our" government.
Nanotechnology, just as it could save lives, it could take just as many lives just as easily. Turning someone into grey goo from any distance without warning is the ultimate weapon. You think that a powerful government agency would allow this technology loose into the civilian world until they have complete control over it?
The internet was an accidental release that government could not control and it provided a tremendous counter to government suppression of freedom. We know about "prism" and other subversive, unpatriotic programs designed to usurp authority us that that does not belong to them.
I hope to they do not develop this technology.

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