Monday, May 18, 2015

My views on this SWATTING trend

SWATTING is when someone uses technology to trick the police that an unknown hostile force is threatening a life at a specific location. As with any situations as this, Police respond with Special Weapons Assault Teams to neutralize the hostile force and preserve the innocent victim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

m As I always say to my niblings, pranks should always follow three rules: Funny, Simple and Harmless.

SWATTING is none of these things.

Ways to combat this potentially life threatening prank practice are two fold:

Tell your Police Department that you are susceptible to SWAT pranks because you live stream.

That way when the Police DO get that call, they can respond with less force than they otherwise would. Chances are very great that they will not bust down your door with guns pointing in your direction or worst yet in the direction of a father who has access to a handgun for home defense.

Have a mic/cam mute button easily accessible.
Also, ALL Twitch Live Streamers should have an app or switch that TURNS OFF any and all audio and video if they suspect they are getting this horrid prank pulled on them. Heck, I am surprised that there is not a key dedicated on the keyboard of every keyboard that mutes audio, video or both!
Without audio and video, the basement dwelling loser neck-bearded low-self-esteemed social reject cannot watch the stream while twiddling his spastic fingers in excitement over the temporary power he received. Imagine his disappointment when that is taken from him! A minor win in the favor of the victim.

So, to recap, communicate with Police and deprive your 'prankster' from witnessing his deed.

I believe that to dissuade other basement dwelling loser neck-bearded low-self-esteemed social rejects from thinking of doing this make up class this to a felony. In fact this felony should have a mandatory 25 years to life for anyone convicted of this dangerous practice because it is attempted murder.

Credits:Thank you to Brennen Harley, wiktionary and CrowbCat for the sources.

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