Monday, June 29, 2015

My OGRE/GEV material as of now.

So, I took an assessment of my best OGRE/GEV game material. I have not played this board game in years! I might have to give some of it away to someone who would play it more often than I will. When I was a kid, I used to play this game SOOOO much! It was my starter RTS, if you will.
I do have some older cardboard counters that included Mechs, buildings, ect.
Enjoy the photo spread!

Dice I am thinking of sending to a fellow GEV commander!


Mad Hatter said...

Hopefully you don't give up on this game too much. I just got the Pocket edition and am instantly obsessed with this game. I played it all the time while deployed to kill the time and love reading your posts. You inspired me to work on my own cloth map. Cheers mate!

HarmlessHamster said...

Do you have any suggestions or requests? Sorry about responding so late. I don't really post much anymore but I can if you want something special in particular.
Maybe a few counters that depict the unit you are in overseas as mobile infantry (complete with your patch)?

Mad Hatter said...

Haha unfortunately I am in the Air Force so I don't have a unit patch or anything cool like that! I don't have any requests. Do you have any suggestions on the best place to get some cloth maps like yours? I really like those. What about 2 player scenarios you have really enjoyed?

KEL Enterprises said...

Just got my second copy of Ogre DE(Red KS) so I'm up to almost three complete sets(besides Pocket Ogre, my old OGRE GEV SHOCKWAVE 1970's stuff). Always looking to increase my hoard of Ogre and Ogre offshoots. So what exactly does "able to make "mean? Do you have counter sets? Like the idea of using the mini rules with the hexboard. We all need to get together and figure out how to get Ogre up and running on Hangouts then your collection has purpose again.