Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My thoughts on "SWAT"ing.

Reason why not to do it (according to me)
1. It's dangerous.
2. It's cowardly.
3. They could be diverted from where they are actually needed. It uses up valuable police resources that could be used elsewhere.
4. It's expensive for the town to host false house clearings because you got mad in a video game.
It costs an average of $10,000-$12,000 to send a SWAT team to a house to get it secured.
5. It reduces their effectiveness a little because they would have to wonder "is this another SWAT 'prank' "..
6. It shows just how little self esteem you have if you have to get "revenge" on someone because of a stupid video game.
7. Someone is doing 25+ years in prison time for doing this.
8. It's dangerous.
Oh wait did I say that already?
Yeah, I did because you can indirectly KILL someone if someone has a heart attack or is shot by a man thinking his house is being broken into by criminals (which happened).
Maybe I repeated that one because the first and last line on a list is the most remembered.
But maybe that's what you want to have happen if you have that little self esteem.
I don't know.
You are the lowest of the lowest of cowards. If you were a REAL man, you would go to his house and offer to fight him.
But no, you are a pathetic gamer with too much time on your hands and your parents are on the verge of kicking your worthless carcass to the curb. Slowly destroy your own life through diabetes or heart disease if only do not spread your misery through techniques like this. Self destruct your own life, not other's lives.
You know what? The MAIN reason NOT to do it?
Only stupid immoral people need numerous reasons NOT to do something that could kill someone.
You don't do it because it's fundamentally immoral.
It's that simple: Because it's wrong.
Maybe your parents didn't teach you right from wrong and now the internet has to. That is just pathetic and sad.

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