Thursday, June 18, 2015

This what I want in an operating system

I thought I would tabulate a few things I think are essential to any operating system.
1. The operating system should give you the power to close ANY process on your system and it show you how these processes are connected.
2. Allow you more power over functions that deal with networking.
3. All installed programs have a text file that gives you full access to all it's processes. This would get rid of bloatware, applications calling out to IPs to dump information on you and your system and pretty much anything you are not made aware of.
4. Has the ability to run ANY and ALL applications you wish.
5. Gives you full performance of your GPU, CPU and memory.
6. Have network traffic transparent and displayed in a way that a non-network technician will understand what is going in and out of that machine. I see some network traffic I know it probably doing something I do not want it to do.
These might be pie in the sky wishes but it's not too much to ask.

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