Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why Blizzard is losing so many subscribers.

Blizzard is losing players.
People all think that it's because of this and that that Blizzard lost 2.9 million subscribers. When they have a reason in mind that has been bugging them then it must be that reason that this happened.
I believe it's called confirmation bias. It's a real term in psychology and studies have been done on it.
They are losing probably losing subscribers because the last generation is moving on to families, children, lives, ect. A child will find a stick and rock fascinating ... for a while. Eventually the rock and stick will be supplanted by a rope, a tree and a stream. Then the kid will grow and find new things that catch their attention and put away the old things that don't excite them anymore. Blizzard has not really radically changed World of Warcraft for over 14 YEARS. That is a very good run for a game, however, since all Blizzard does is re-skin, re-purpose areas and instances and re-use quests ideas. Because of this, people are becoming understandably bored even though Blizzard is pouring in millions of dollars expansions.
For 14 years there are really four kinds of quests:
1. The kill quest. Kill ___ of ___ and get ______.
2. Escort ______ from ______ to _______.
3. Find _______ and bring _______ to ______ at _______.
4. You have ____ minutes to do (either 1, 2 or 3 from above).
The next generation then sees this game as their "dad's game" and they go and try to find a game that separates their generation. 
This is why you don't see kids in the 1970s wearing black leather jackets and slicking their hair back. 
You didn't see 1990s kids turning their collar up and saying "bodacious" or "radical". 
You also didn't see kids in the 1980s wearing bell bottoms and flower power shirts with long hair and wearing sandals.
Blizzard, you had a good run but if you want to earn more subscribers, somewhat retire the fantasy genre and maybe make a World of Starcraft or something. It will be different enough and it would be even more expansive. 
Don't become something their dad used to do. 
Be a company that is changing their product to meet the wants of the consumer that is spending $15 a month (that's $180 a year!). That is not counting that each expansion is about $40-$50.
The possibilities CAN be endless with a company with tons of financial resources. Because they have to maintain the status quo, like many HUGE corporations, they don't change too much. This has been the downfall of many a corporation.
The cycle of corporations:
1. A small company with an excellent an innovative product or service dreams of pleasing the consumer. They are humble and honest. This draws in people because they like it when companies listen to them and respect them. They know that this company really wants their money but this company is willing to WORK for it.
2. The company prospers greatly because of the foundation of honesty, innovation and humility. They become a huge company.
3. The company becomes a corporation and then becomes so large that the consumer becomes just another statistic in their business model. They marginalize the consumer's needs, deliver a product that is not innovative and even go as far as to silence the opinions of those that attempt to disrupt the status quo. This is the beginning of the end for this once great, consumer friendly, company.
Blizzard, unless you give innovative services and products, you will dies just like THQ, SEGA, Atari and Paragon.

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