Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Howdy folks! I know a lot of you that read my blog come here for the Steve Jackson gamer that stole our post apocalyptic thermonuclear collective hearts but as of late I have been branching out to other boardgames and computer games.

As with any download, you have to be cautious of viruses. Personally, I use a website called VirusTotal. All you have to do is drag and drop the *.rar, *.exe *.zip *.jar, ect. on the text field, hit the blue button "Scan it!" and you're off. I have saved myself countless hours of trying to pry trojans, virues, worms and rootkits off my main drive as in the past I have been the victim of "RansomWare". https://www.virustotal.com/

My nephew likes playing this hugely popular game Minecraft and this cute little guy keeps wanting me to install Modifications. I took me a few tries \before I got the hang of it but mods sure are fun! Have you ever wanted to know what items makes what recipes?
Well ...
Where was this mod when I was playing? WOW!
Now, to run the mods, you have to have "Forge" (a mod installer) and maybe this supporting collection of code called "CodeChickenCore-1.8". Both are *.jar files and just are dropped into the Mods folder under the ".minecraft" folder when you enter in %appdata% into the RUN command.
Here is how you do it!
Step 1
Just press [WINDOWS]-R and this pops up.
Type in %appdata%. I know. There should be a
button on the start bar for this folder!
Step 2
In %appdata% there is your illusive Minecraft folder!
Here you can drag and drop packs that change the
look of the game (resource packs), skins,
maps  (under saves) and finally mods.

Step 3
If the "Mod" folder does not exist already
make a new folder and rename it Mods.
Step 4
Drag and drop *.jar files here for
Forge to load up for ya.

Here are some of my favorite Minecraft Tweaks:
Favorite skin Calvin & Hobbes (It's a toss up!)
Favorite Mod InventoryTweaks
Favorite map generator McDungeon
Favorite Resource Pack Silver Mine

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