Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How memory may be connected to humor...

OK, so you saw that bit where a guy looks in a comically small bee hive and a swarm of a billion bees fly out  at the speed of sound and sting the cartoon character on the butt. In doing so, his butt enlarges to four times it size and burstsSubstitution (get it?).
If you could read that without cracking a smile (pun intended) then the laws of memory have worked in generating a humorous situation (even if it IS not performed in the realm of reality).
I have written a blog article about memory, so please read it here before continuing if you desire a background on what I will discuss next.
Mnemonics, mnemonics, mnemonics and how I rote how I hate rote.So, according to the story example above

Read the story again with the above concepts in mind. Interesting, huh?

I tried to keep this short and sweet so people might make the connection between the laws of memory and the laws of humor since they both allow the brain to retain information that is both novel in it's presentation and thus important enough for your brain to recall it.