Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Current list of the counters I am able to make for OGRE/GEV

Current list of the counters I am able to make for OGRE/GEV:
1/1 Powered armor Infantry
2/1 Powered armor Infantry
3/1 Powered armor Infantry
1/1 Powered armor engineer Infantry
2/1 Powered armor engineer Infantry
3/1 Powered armor engineer Infantry
Infantry one shot infantry missile
1/1 Militia
2/1 Militia
3/1 Militia
Light tank
Heavy tank
Missile tank
Mobile howitzer
Light mobile howitzer
Light GEV
GEV MCP (Mobile command post)
Mobile CP (Tracked command post)
Superheavy tank
Light Howitzer
Drone Howitzer (LAD)
Drone Howitzer (LAD) unpacked
Hover Truck
Loaded missile crawler
Unloaded missile crawler
Iron Mountain Scenario Support Truck
Iron Mountain Scenario Support Light howitzer
Train 6/7 & 4/2 speed
Train 2/3 & 0/1 speed

Missile GEV (3att/1def/3rng, Mov4/2)
Missile truck (3att/1def/4rng, Mov3 wheeled)
ECM tank (3att/3def/3rng, Mov3)
EMP Tank (2att (only DIS) /1def/6rng, Mov3/2)
Laser tank (2att/1def/30rng (los), Mov1) (fire or move)
Superheavy GEV (3att+3att/4def/2rng, Mov4/1)
Howitzer GEV (2att/1def/6rng, Mov3/2)
Heavy GEV (4att/3def/1rng, Mov3/1)
Desert hopper (2att/1def/2rng, Mov3) (immune to swamps)

Loaded Light missile crawler
Unloaded Light missile crawler
1/1 Marine powered armor Infantry
2/1 Marine powered armor Infantry
3/1 Marine powered armor Infantry
1/1 Augmented unarmored Infantry
2/1 Augmented unarmored Infantry 
3/1 Augmented unarmored Infantry
1/1 Augmented unarmored marine Infantry
2/1 Augmented unarmored marine Infantry 
3/1 Augmented unarmored marine Infantry
1/1 Ranger powered armor infantry
2/1 Ranger powered armor infantry
3/1 Ranger powered armor infantry
6/1 Nuclear mine
3/1 Antipersonnel drone swarm
3/1 Anti-armor drone swarm
0/1 Recon drone swarm
6/3 Nuke drone swarm
6/2 Nuke drone swarm
6/1 Nuke drone swarm
3/2 Attack drone swarm
2/1 Attack drone swarm
1/0 Attack drone swarm

Archaic Mobile artillery
Archaic Main battle tank
Archaic APC
Archaic Regular Truck
Archaic Field artillery
Archaic Light missile tank
Archaic Fire support vehicle

Mark 1 OGRE
Mark 2 OGRE
Mark 2 Mike-one-echo from the online comic 6-Commando (The author liked it)
BTR-191 "PG" from the online comic 6-Commando
Mark 3 OGRE
Mark 3 Israilli Golem
Mark 3 Israilli David
Mark 3b OGRE
Mark 4 OGRE
Mark 5 OGRE
Mark 6 OGRE
Mark 7 OGRE
Fencer B
Black Horse (Ninja)
Mark 2 Coelacanth
Mark 7 Coelacanth
Australian OGRES Mark 1 through Mark 5
Indonesian OGRES Mark 1 through Mark 3 (including Fencers and Dopps)

2/60 Laser tower
2/30 Laser turret
Command Post
D1 Hardened command post
D2 Hardened command post
D3 Hardened command post
D4 Hardened command post
D5 Hardened command post
D6 Hardened command post
60 sp Reactor (nuclear)
80sp Fortification
70sp Fortification
60sp Fortification
10sp Production facility
10sp Jamming Station
10 sp Radar Dish
30sp Administration building
20sp Administration building
10sp Administration building
D3 Bridge
D6 Bride
Crater counter
Railroad tracks (best when printed on clear plastic then laminated)\

Fast attack mech
Scout mech
Heavy missile mech
Missile mech
Light missile mech
Heavy mech
Medium mech
Light mech
Rifle mech
Light howitzer mech
Howitzer mech
Laser mech
Railgun mech

Nihon 1/1 Powered Infantry
Nihon 2/1 Powered Infantry
Nihon 3/1 Powered Infantry
Nihon Infantry one shot infantry missile
Nihon Light missile tank
Nihon Light tank
Nihon Heavy tank
Nihon Missile tank
Nihon Mobile howitzer
Nihon Light mobile howitzer
Nihon Light GEV
Nihon Light missile GEV
Nihon GEV
Nihon Assualt GEV
Nihon Missile GEV
Nihon Command post

MISSILES: 6.35mm x 12.7mm (1/4" x 1/2")
Cruise Missile (Nuke)
6/5 missile (OGRE missile)
3/4 missile (Nihon missile)
2/3 missile

Broken road
Under water
Battle group counters (A-Z)