Friday, August 21, 2015

Howdy folks. I am sorry I have not produced much content in a long stretch. I think I have exhausted just about anything I could say about OGRE/GEV. Unless Steve Jackson comes out with an additional expansion that builds upon the original game, like a good sea surface or air-based variant of OGRE/GEV, I really do not have much more to contribute.
I seriously believe that Steve Jackson will never make a\n RTS Computer game based on the lumbering, building-sized cyber-tank because it would seriously dent into the profits of the board game and I agree with him.
Lately, I have been playing Hearthstone. Previously I played Magic the Gathering. This art-heavy game is of beautiful design but one practically needs a bachelor's degree to effectively play with all of the cards and unlimited combinations of probability mechanics. The game mechanics is so slippery when trying to predict the outcome of any deck and this is made much less predictable when you make the sample size a deck of 60+ cards.
Blizzard intelligently created two constants that were before quite variable in Magic the Gathering.
1. They kept the mana acquisition near linear. Every turn you got one more mana to work with, thus increasing the number and power of cards increasingly until the game is over. Rarely does a Hearthstone game last more than 10 turns. In Magic the Gathering, games could drag on for an hour.
2. The sample size of the deck is reduced to 30 cards. In reference to point #1, a player could typically be near the bottom of their deck after ten turns.

In my opinion, one simple game mechanic that ruined the game was a card that allowed someone to disproportionately destroy more minions that anything else could do. I quit every game when this over-powered mechanic is used. Thank goodness the card is relatively rare.