Friday, January 8, 2016

My thoughts on gaming in the 2010s.

It's a new year and games are coming out as movies have come out - rehashes, reboots, ect, ect, ect.
In my mind I have always thought of gaming as an interactive experience that delved into creativity that books and movies could not touch. Heck, the computer gaming industry is bigger than any other entertainment industry. No wonder Hollywood likes to describe as basement dwelling losers who have no lives and are unfit to have mates ... they want people to shy away from this awesome interactive experience!
However, in the past few years I have seen a disturbing trend in this form of entertainment.
1. DLC. You pay $60 and then you find out that 25% of the game is missing. Yep! You have to buy more and more content that should have been included in the original package.
2. No more real hosting of the game in muliplayer. This means that a 'host' of a game can no longer kick or ban abusive and cheating players. I remember playing Tribes 2 and being able to host games with complete control over MY game.
3. Only about 32 people MAXIMUM are able to play in multiplayer first person shooter games. Again, with Tribes 2 as an example, 64 people could play at once.
4. Front ends that use up memory resources and CPU cycles. Uplay, Windows Live and EA Origin are some of the biggest offenders. They do little to prevent piracy as real pirates will circumvent their pathetic DRM and the customers that buy it legitimately suffer.
5. Difficulty of gameplay and ease of use of resources in the game cater to the least common denominator of player. These game companies do not want to miss out on poorly skilled players with wallets too. No longer do you really need practice and skill to win ... just spend a little extra money and you are the best! Tribes Ascend is a HUGE offender of this infraction. About 1/4 of all the weapons in that JET-PACK game are automatic weapons - weapons that take LITTLE skill to predictively use.

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