Friday, June 10, 2016

Thoughts on Starcraft 2

Here are some units that would be cool:

Instead of the Queen's transfuse ability, why not  create a unit that can transform from a zergling through the baneling tech that heals through exploding any friendly biological units or structures for 50 health in the blast radius?

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jgarrett123 said...

Hi I have chosen the newest blog entry to try to get in touch with you. I was on another website (Car Wars) and it had you listed for sharing several items (2013 I believe). One of which was your home made plexiglass Turning tool. You said just email you for info and templates etc. for building one -- but nowhere on your 'Command Post' Blog do you have contact information.

I would like to get the info for the Turning Tool and also better info and pictures of your Car Wars 'round wheel' you used in playing the game.

I thank you for your time and help

John Garrett
Dhreveport Louisiana Area