Monday, September 26, 2016

Bad Steam Games do this all the time.

When you comment on bad steam games their admins have waaaay too much power to ban you from any and all discussion for one reason:
They want people to be duped as much as possible from buying a crap game.
Here is the message I got. I am a good commenter and never attack person gamers online in Steam at all.

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KEL Enterprises said...

Hate to burst your bubble...actually I'm glad to and you should be too. The board game industry is bigger than ever. Not sure where you live but in the Metro Detroit area I can find a group to game with every night of the week and sometimes more than one group and I have to choose. These are not MTG people but actually board gamers from war games to Euro Trash in groups from 10 to 45+. Kickstarter has had a lot to do with it. Combine that with actual online gaming in combination with board games such as Vassal, Cyberbox, Tabletopia, Steam. Tabletop Simulator and a slew of websites dedicated to online play by manufacturers and life is pretty full with out video games. But you have fun doing what You want, ya hear.