Saturday, September 17, 2016

Updated Tribes Ascend aiming graduated reticle for the fusion mortar.

This reticle might work with other weapons in this jetpack shooter. I have found that it works with the energy crossbow, grenade launcher and arx.
The green text is for when you are zoomed in. The black with white outline is for when you are zoomed out. As you have probably figured out, each number is a multiple of ten. If you want to hit a target 10m away just use the center of your reticle.
This overlay is to be used with CustomeDesktopLogo since HiRez does not care enough about the Tribes community to offer script support (or even hotkeys or a map editor!).
I wish they would put Tribes Vengeance up on Steam with the ability to make your own server. That Tribes game had grapple hooks!

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