Monday, September 26, 2016

Bad Steam Games do this all the time.

When you comment on bad steam games their admins have waaaay too much power to ban you from any and all discussion for one reason:
They want people to be duped as much as possible from buying a crap game.
Here is the message I got. I am a good commenter and never attack person gamers online in Steam at all.

To those who had read my posts for OGRE/GEV...

I have to say I am sorry to those few dozen million people who regularly read my blog concerning OGRE/GEV.
As of late I have been pretty much glued to Steam and the immediately gratification that comes with computer games you can download after buying.
I sort of miss the days of yesteryear when, as a young person, the only gaming you could engage in was the sort you arrange beforehand on a table. Quit soon, I think, board games will be replaced with google-glass type glasses that will make the board game appear on a blank table in the real world. Imagine - playing Axis and Allies with animated pieces just like the "chess pieces" in Star Wars! Only difference is that people walking into the room will see a bunch of people staring a blank table being mimes as they pick up non-existent playing pieces.
The days of the miniature and chit & hex games are all but over. More and more I find it impossible to find people who are half-way interested in playing games that involve actual physical dice. Maybe in the future they will invent hard light so we can touch our playing pieces once more!