Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tribes 2 creator answered by question of "Why are there not more successful Jetpack shooters like it?"

I got to talk with David Georgeson on Facebook. I went to the same college as he did and I don't think he would mind me quoting him on my blog.
David Georgeson
On a popular media website I asked David Georgeson "Why are there not more successful Jetpack shooters like it?"
"I loved that game. T2 and Planetside are my favorite projects to-date. We brought combined arms tactics and community to the battlefield for the very first time. I also love jet pack shooters. But the reason we don't see more of them? They're too hard for the average gamer. The skilled gamers LOVE it. But the casual gamers drop out and we couldn't exceed the 300k ceiling. The Battlefields of the world took over with comparably easier skill requirements allowing more people to play and achieved critical mass of popularity that way. My opinion but I don't think many folks would argue. "
This guy is a success in the FPS arena. He did so many things right when making his game.
The most impressive thing to me is that he did not compromise quality in return for a fast buck as many game designers do. I believe that this choice landed him in subsequent successful jobs as working on Everquest, Everquest 2, Gaia Online and Planetside 2.
I hope to see David in a Tribes 2 game sometime in the future - that would make my day.