Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I have finally found my dream keyboard!

OK, I love peripherals like the Nostromo N52 and my new one - the G-13 gamepad that works so well with my G-9 mouse.
One thing I have always dreamed of in a PC system is the ability to control what is on the screen with a gentle touch of the index finger.
Take a gander at these beauties of technology!

 I can imagine designing a children's book, as I do in my spare time, and as you select menus in photoshop this beautiful keyboard/menu context pad CHANGES accordingly!
However, the tool is only as useful as your freedom to use it. Do they have open source tool design software and a free network of apps for it or will it be $300 plus hidden DLC B.S. costing you hundreds (if not thousands)? It seems that once a company does something right like this they seem to always glow it by screw up someplace else.
Look at the Windows Operating System. They made it possible for the lowest moron to install and operate the OS but now we have an OS that caters to the lower common denominator.
I hope the company that made this concept of a beautiful next generation Context control board or "Contextrol Board"(what I would call it).

The same company that made the concept above made this $990 Contextrol board:
You have to love the animation art for this one!

For $990 all you get are eighty keys decorated with 48x48 picture keys. Seeing that that most people have learned to touch type by their 2nd year (if not first year) of typing, I see putting 48x48 LCD screens on EACH key a complete waste of time. This would be super cool to do if they brought the price down from the stratosphere. For now the price of $990 for the limited utility of each key changing keeps this in the category of "rich kid's brag item". It was about around $200, I would buy it in a New York minute if I could program it and it has open code to create more applications for it. It would be a real shame if they locked up the code to do this and only gave out capability according to when they need a DLC boost to their earning quarter (as EA does).
I DO see how 3-4 level deep context menus would be very useful. A menu where instead of you right clicking, you can press a hotkey and a function within the program is displayed on the keyboard. On the first level you would have [File][Edit][View][Insert][Format][Table][Tools][Window][Help] and instead of pressing the corresponding key underlined, the icon for the menu choice would be displayed instead.

Anyways, don't stare at this gif too long ... you will start to see your current keyboard wink at you!

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