Monday, March 27, 2017

Starcraft 2, programmable peripherals and you

OK, so I have two tools I use A LOT when playing Starcraft 2 or any RTS for that matter.
One tool is the programmable keypad, the G13 and the programmable laser mouse, the G9.
I love Logitech and their ability to give me more choices of action within any application.
I will cut right to what I was thinking about SC2 and these tools.
OK, so when playing co-op I usually play terrain. Trying to manage SCV building can be micro management intensive unless you want idle SCVs behind the building they just built. I assign all my SCVs in one area that is building intensive to the hotkey 8. Then I program S1 to a macro that presses 8 then B. The other S2 button I set to a macro that pressed 8 then V. Then what I do is I press SHIFT AND S1 or S2 and Right Click (LM) to a mineral patch.

Of course this pulls all the current SCVs mining at the time to go to that ONE patch but it's a minimal delay for the convenience of not having SCVs sitting idle around your base. However, I DO have two SCVs patrolling my base as early warning as well as immediate repair without my needed to direct them.
My 2 cents for what it's worth.

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